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Two Yummy Kid-Approved Recipes… kale chips and chocolate coconut ice cream

Tonight I finally got around to making the “Coconut Milk Chocolate Ice Cream” from Growing Up Paleo.  Here is the Link:

Three simple ingredients.  Coconut milk, chocolate bar, vanilla.  I used some leftover dark chocolate bunny from Easter.  Used the Cuisinart ice cream maker I use about three times a year.  All of the girls loved it and so did my husband Mike.  Emma said “Will you make this again, Chocolate Coconut Milk Ice CreamMommy?”  Super easy, if you have remembered to keep the ice cream maker vessel in the freezer so it is frozen when you need it.

I melted the chocolate in the microwave, used about 2-3 ozs. of that.  The can of coconut milk held 14 ozs (250 calories total).  I am guessing that the recipe made about 2-3 cups of ice cream…enough for 6 normal servings.

Sunday morning, I made kale chips.  I kept reading of people raving about them and I have had the recipe from smitten kitchen bookmarked for a while now.  The bunch of kale was about $1 at Wal-mart this week, so very reasonable.  The recipe I used is found here although if you google “kale chip recipe” you will get lots of options.
Just washed the kale well and ripped into bite-size pieces, removed all the water clinging to it with my salad spinner.  Since we have started eating healthier, the salad spinner has been getting a work-out.  🙂  Then, I put it in a large bowl and drizzled the oil on it.  I used coconut oil, but use whatever oil you prefer.  the kale is so flavorful, you don’t really get a flavor from the oil.  A few shakes of sea salt and then mix with your hands to get some oil on all the leaves.  Spread in the pan and bake until they are light and crispy.  All the kids (except for Julia) like them, so did Mike.

Baked Kale ChipsThere were lots of good ideas for spicing up the chips on the smitten kitchen comments sections…cumin, smoked paprika, vinegar.  I was thinking maybe pickle juice for a dill pickle flavored kale chip.  hmm….mmm.  When we finish the chips, we will have to use the crumbs to flavor homemade popcorn.



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