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Dinner mostly from the Farmer’s Market…

Farmer Market Dinner

Smokey Roast, Italian-Style Sautéed Greens, 5-Spice Honey-glazed Carrots, Asparagus, New Potatoes with Chives

I stopped by the local Norman Farmer’s Market this morning and got lots of yummy stuff…aspargus, kale, red and orange carrots, new potatoes, pastured eggs, lettuce, grape tomatoes, fresh herbs.  Quite a delicious haul and most of our dinner was from there.

I had already made the “Smokey Roast” from Everyday Paleo the day before in my crockpot.  But here in Oklahoma we had tornadoes Tuesday evening, so we spent the evening in a shelter not eating roast; the roast had to wait until Wednesday.  I used the recipe as-is except that I didn’t have any ground chipotle, so I used 1 tsp of smoked paprika and 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper instead.  Also, note that the coffee grounds are unused ones, in other words, not leftovers from this morning.  🙂

It was very good and all four girls and Mike gave it a thumbs up.  Mike added some salsa to his, but I ate it without and thought it was very flavorful.  I really doesn’t taste at all like coffee despite the 2 tablespoons of grounds in the spice rub.  You also don’t taste the cocoa in it explicitly. Everything just blends together to make a smokey taste, thus the name.

I believe that the recipe, besides being paleo would also be gluten-free.  The sauce it makes is not really a gravy (since no flour or other thickener is used) but more like a rich condensed broth.

The “Italian-Style Sautéed Greens” recipe was from the Clean Eating Magazine website and used both chard and kale.  I tasted it at the stove and thought it was a little bland and to chard-y and kale-y.  So, I added about 1-2 tsp of balsamic vinegar.  It helped and the raisins did give you a tiny bit of sweet but this recipe is not a winner unless you really just like the taste of chard.  My family doesn’t.  So, still looking for a recipe for chard that tastes good, meaning it doesn’t taste like chard.  Ha-ha.

5-Spice Honey-glazed carrots

5-Spice Honey-glazed carrots

The 5-Spice Honey-glazed carrots were my own creation.  I had gotten 2 bunches of tiny carrots, one orange and one purple.  I cleaned them and sliced them into coins, giving me about 2 cups.  Then I sautéed them in about 1 tablespoon of butter until almost cooked.  Added 1 tsp of Chinese 5-spice powder and about 2 tsp of honey.  Then, cooked them the rest of the way.

Two of the kids and I loved them.  Mike and one kid thought they were OK, not great.  Sarah did not like them. Because the 5-spice powder does have some liquorice tones, if you don’t like liquorice you might not like them either.  I will probably make them again because I liked them and I am the one that cooks.

The asparagus was great, but not because of any great recipe.  It was just steamed and then topped with butter, sea salt, and fresh ground pepper.  But, it was so fresh and intense because it was local.  So much better than the grocery store asparagus we have been eating.  The potatoes were just boiled and then tossed with some butter, salt, pepper, and snipped chives.

Dessert was some mint coconut milk ice cream made in similar fashion to the chocolate one I made last week.  I just steeped some mint leaves from out garden in coconut milk and then added a bit of honey for sweetness.  Yummy, but could have used more mint, I didn’t want to overdo it and instead I underdid it.

So, if you want some delicious fruits, veggies, and herbs, check out your local farmer’s market.  If you don’t know where one is close to you, look here.

Mint Coconut Milk Ice Cream

Mint Coconut Milk Ice Cream


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  1. The secret to chard is to squeeze lemon juice on just before serving, and make sure you salt it adequately. Unsalted chard does just taste green.

  2. Don’t give up on chard. It’s really good for you, and is about the only greens that will grow nearly _all_ year (with a little protection through the winter) in Oklahoma. I always go to Recipes for Health first when i need vegetable recipes:


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