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Kitchen Tip – How to really clean your spice grinder

Rice in Spice Grinder

Rice in Spice Grinder

We have two coffee grinders.  The newer one is used exclusively for coffee, to grind our beans each morning.  The other one, a basic Krups one, is for all our other grinding needs which means it is used solely for a variety of spices from cloves to coriander to cumin.  But, you don’t usually want to taste the last thing you ground mixed with the new thing.

So, how do you really clean your spice grinder… with rice, of course. Rice is ideal for cleaning spice grinders for a couple of reasons: the ground rice absorbs the oils from the old spices and the rice also knocks loose any bits that may have gotten stuck under and around the grinder’s blade.

After grinding your spices, just put a tablespoon of two of uncooked dry rice in your grinder and run for 30 seconds or until you basically have rice flour.  If you are really creative, you might be able to use the spice-infused rice flour to make something like some exotic rice cereal, but I’m not, so I just throw it out.  Give your grinder a quick wipe down inside with a clean paper towel. Then, put your grinder back up and it is clean and ready for next time you need to grind some spices.

I have heard of people using a piece of dry stale bread for the same purpose, but the rice works fine for me, so that is what I recommend.

– Stacey


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