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The 2012 Farm Bill – get your voice heard in support of kid’s nutrition

Michael Pollan in a recent video says that while we need to continue to vote for better food with our forks, we also need to vote with our VOTES. 

I am not by any means an expert on the wranglings and backroom deals that influence how legislation is based in D.C., but I am an American and a concerned parent.  It saddens me to hear about how much influence food industry lobbyists have in getting things like PIZZA DECLARED AS A VEGETABLE under the school lunch program.

They are working on the 2012 Farm Bill right now and Farm Bills are only done every 5 years.  So, go to one of the sites below and read how to contact you member of Congress to voice your opinion about how the Farm Bill, or as Pollan calls it, the Food Bill, affects local farmers trying to grow actual fruits and vegetables (not commodity corn and soy, they are well protected by industry lobbyists).  Also, show your support of continuing the ability of SNAP benefit recipients to use those benefits at local Farmer’s Markets. 

And most importantly, because is affects so many kids and they are our future, voice your concerns about unhealthy processed foods such as pizza being classified as a vegetable.  As you can see from a few of my previous posts about school lunches, they need to improve and increase the amounts of real food including fruits and vegetables, not make things worse.  What is next, calling corn dogs a vegetable because they contain corn?

Find out more about the Farm Bill and how to contact YOUR government about this:

Over 50% of the kids that go to my daughters’ school receive either free or reduced lunches.  I understand that there are several school in disadvantaged parts of Oklahoma City, were that figure is 100%.  So, this bill directly affects the kids in our neighborhood, town, and state, not just farmers.  Even  if you are lucky enough like we are to be able to pack and send your kids a healthy lunch, what about all their classmates?  We know the food industry doesn’t care about kids, but we need to encourage our elected officials to care because we do.

– Stacey


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