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Sorry to have disappeared… Let’s do lunch!

Flight Academy

The girls with the mascot, “Soonie”, at OU’s Flight Academy

Sorry that I have not be blogging lately, but the end of school and start of summer have been a busy time for us.  This week, the girls are attending a wonderful day camp, the OU Sooner Flight Academy.  Not something that is in our budget for four kids, but thankfully we received a partial scholarship from the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission.

The girls are there for seven hours each day, so we send a packed lunch with them.  Since this will be a short post and folks have expressed an interest in our lunches in the past, I thought I would share a picture of yesterday’s lunch.

Lunch consists of: a nitrate-free turkey and organic cheese roll-up with olives, baby-cut carrots, grape tomatoes, a sprouted grain pretzel, plain yogurt with honey, and cut-up bananas and pineapple.  For camp, we’ve been sending ice water as the beverage, although we normally send white milk during the school year.

Day Camp Lunch -Summer 2012

I’ve been trying out some new recipes on the girls and should be posting those soon.  Some were hits, such as a chilled strawberry soup, and some were misses, such as a new honey-lime slaw dressing that I tried on broccoli slaw.

Again, I am a better correspondent on my Facebook page, so please join me there for more frequent updates and information.

– Stacey

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