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– Stacey


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  1. Hi Stacey,
    We are so glad you came to Platt My Plate. Your little girls are precious. Would it be okay with you if I took a quote from your blog to put in a post-event story I a writting. I’d also like to include the photo of your girls with Christine Dowd. If you agree, I need your last name and the name of your girls in the photo from L to R.

    • Hi Kathy,
      The girls had a fun time at the event. They help me when I cook, but generally they don’t get to work with the stove, so that was a big thing for them. Since they are all six, most of their helping is measuring and dumping right now.

      Could you let me know where the article you are writing will appear before I email you our names. Thanks,


  2. I’d like to put it on the Platt Culinary website and I will also send it to a few publications. Thrive Magazine has asked for the story. If you approve, could you please send me the girls names, from L-R.


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